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Control Without Boundaries

A software-based control system for any networked desktop, laptop, or tablet running Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Control an Entire System or a Single Device

  • Control all assets capable of receiving text and hexadecimal codes anywhere on your network.
  • Create up to 100 user interface pages - with up to 100 buttons per page.
  • Control a single asset, multiple assets, or multiple systems with a single project file.

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BYOC...Bring Your Own Control

  • Install the royalty-free Desktop Panel on unlimited computers to run your BiziSuite control projects.
  • Or install the Desktop Panel on USB drives for visiting presenters.
  • Keep the Desktop Panel and project files on a network drive for easy download to new control computers.

Build Multiple Personal Control Systems

  • Control up to 100 networked assets in a single user interface project.
  • Create a library of up to 100 devices with 100 commands per device to use in controlling assets.
  • Import/export device libraries as module files that can be shared between projects.

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Create the Control Experience

  • Send up to 100 commands to networked assets with each button press and release.
  • Use custom graphics, text, and background colors for each page and button.
  • Program buttons with "page flips" to easily navigate between pages.

BiziSuite News

30 October 2015

With the release of version 15.10.00, BiziSuite now supports assets that require UDP commands.

20 October 2015

Control Centric is pleased to announce the immediate release of the BiziSuite control development platform.





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