Control System & Audio DSP Programming

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25 July 2014

Add coded password protection for your customer's AMX system.

25 July 2014

Hex strings can be difficult to convert/display because they are actually text representations of hexadecimal integers.

20 March 2014

With one sentence, the room administrator's opinion of the user interface created a large dent in the ego.

30 July 2013

During a high-level meeting, some of the executives decided to have a private discussion while in an audio call. They also desired to stay in the room. So what did they do? They pressed the "Mute" button

12 October 2012

Most homes nowadays don't come with pre-installed network infrastructure, and many homeowners find that installation of wiring and wall plates is economically out of reach - not to mention that all of this typically requires a small equipment room.

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