User Interface

  • Ten customizable buttons. With customizable background color, frame color, and title text.
  • Three command strings for up to three devices with each button press.
  • Commands can be ASCII, hexadecimal, or both.
  • Completely free!
User Interface


  • Management for 100 projects per data file.
  • Add up to 100 systems per project.
  • Design up to 100 user interfaces per system.
  • Each User Interface provides up to 100 pages with 100 buttons per page.
  • Button press/release events send up to 100 commands.
  • Each system is capable of controlling up to 1000 devices.
  • Available Q4, 2017


  • Schedule tasks for all connected devices.
  • Poll connected devices and take action based on device feedback.
  • Email alerts for designated device conditions.
  • Works with BiziSuite User Interface or independently.
  • Uses an independent configuration file - no web or database server required.
  • Available Q2, 2018
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