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Control System

Ten Easy to Use Buttons

Start a complete control solution with the double-click of a mouse. All command processing and button appearance is provided by the user interface. No need for external control processors.

  • Single page.
  • Ten buttons.
  • Three command strings per button for up to three devices.
  • TCP or UDP communications.
  • ASCII and/or hexadecimal commands.

Control System

Interface Properties

Customize your user interface page:

  • Panel Title
  • Frame Color
  • Background Color

Comprehensive button styling for both pressed and released states:

  • Background Color
  • Border Type and Color
  • Text, Color, and Font

And an easy-to-use editor for entering command strings.

Control System Setup


Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
.Net 4.7
1 Gig RAM
30 Meg Hard Drive Space
Mouse or other pointing device


Coming December, 2018!

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